The best is yet to come

Life will never cease to surprise you if you allow it to. I do not consider myself brave, but whenever life has thrown a new adventure in my way, I have not shied from it. This is how I ended up living and creating in Mansfield, Texas. I am not American. I consider Bulgaria, a small country in Southeastern Europe my home, although I have lived there, but a few years. If every place, where we live, define and mold us, then I must resemble an abstract work of art that combines Spanish, English, French, Swiss, Mexican, Bulgarian, and American influences. Wonder what that may look like? Take a look at the picture on the right; that is me, smiling at life.

My artwork is another of life’s whims, which I have embraced wholeheartedly. It was back in 2007, in the heart of the financial crisis, that I decided to leave behind my successful career as editor-in-chief of a leading international magazine and move to the USA. I had met my husband and it never occurred to me to question what comes first: career or love. I am a hopeless romantic. But if the heart has reasons that the mind cannot understand, it is still bound to slam against reality at some point. The wake-up call for me came when I realized I could not continue my career here. Traditional media was a dying business, I was told, and I needed to find a different outlet of artistic creativity.

Polymer clay provided me with this outlet. I found happiness and peace of mind in kneading the clay, in mixing colors, in giving life to my ideas. My new passion opened my eyes to details of the world surrounding me that I might have never noticed otherwise; it has filled my existence with new colors and shapes that would blend with the background while I was running to reach my next, always next, deadline at the magazine.

I do not know what else life has in store for me. There will be ups and downs, and more than one surprises from which, I would like to believe, I will never shy. I do hope, however, that I will continue to create and for the simplest of reasons: it makes me truly happy.

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